Problem: Email Management

Your employees are so overwhelmed by email that it’s hurting their productivity and their relationships with colleagues and clients.

LeOpportunity’s Email Management Seminar

In this fun course -- far from any cubicle -- employees, managers and executives will learn how to read, understand and respond to email without getting buried by their inbox.

Problem: Business Writing

Your company’s letters, proposals and reports fail to win over clients.

LeOpportunity’s Business Writing Seminar

Learn how to write concise and digestible prose that grabs the reader’s attention with an engaging presentation.
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About LeOpportunity

LeOpportunity’s team has decades of experience in journalism and media, consulting and corporate communications, as well as outdoor adventure and education.

Our instructors live and work in a diverse group of cities, towns and landscapes — from Philadelphia, Boston and New York to Jackson Hole, Santa Fe and Seattle. Many have worked internationally for extended periods, allowing LeOpportunity to provide regional, national and international insights and perspectives in our seminars. [more]